Sunday, June 16, 2013

Home Is Good, Out Is Better

Hello ladies, are you feeling good these days? :)

I am doing really great, I feel motivated and I am able to think about various topics that are not connected to my ex. This makes me happy, proud and hopeful that you will feel the same soon enough. Even though I have been through this hell before and I know that I will survive it, I am still sometimes skeptical and anxious. Probably you have the same problem, but that is why we are having this blog.

However, I wouldn't philosophize any longer. The next lesson is called Home Is Good, Out Is Better. You can guess what all this is about, right? Imprisoning ourselves at home do us no good. You have to go out, have fun and live your life!

Let's get a little bit deeper into explaining why this is very important step that you have to learn as soon as possible. If you had a longer lasting relationship, then it is very possible that your ex have often been in your home. That also means that you have pretty much memories of the two of you in the place where you spend the most of your time. I hope you are starting to understand the problem we have here.

You are eating at the table where you two used to eat romantic dinner when you were alone at home. You are brushing your teeth in front of the mirror where you two used to brush your teeth at the same time and smile at each other. However, the most disturbing memory will come from you bed! I could never decide what was more painful to me: remembering how we fell asleep together or remembering how we woke up together. The sweet talks, cuddling and making love before falling asleep in each others arms were a never ending source of misery for me. On the other hand, the sunshine on our bodies, the smell of my lover's hair in the mornings and seeing that beautiful face as I open my eyes broke my heart every day.

Reading this you were also reminding yourselves about the memories you share with your ex lovers? Well, that has to stop. Right now!

If your home is ruining your good mood just because you spent some time there with your ex, the solution is to stay out of it as much as you can. Of course, you will start missing YOUR home, the place where YOU had your meals, where YOU brushed your teeth, where YOU enjoyed spending your time. After your home starts feeling as something that is connected to your personality, and not as a painful memory, you will find peace once again. This will bring you closer to your cause - Think Less About Your Ex.

So, I have couple of suggestions what to do and where to go. You can choose only the ones that are acceptable for you or that you think will help you to feel better. However, I would recommend to try them all, because you never know how doing something new will affect you. You can get great joy and feel motivated while experiencing new things.

1. Read books in nature. It's good for you spirit. It's good for your health. It's good for you broken heart.

2. Visit new coffee shops with your friends.

3. Travel. If you have the money and the time, you should definitely go somewhere where you haven't been. Alone or with your friends, it doesn't matter, as long as you are away from your memories.

4. Work out in nature. Another idea that will make you feel good and look good.

5. Find yourself a hobby. Pilates, yoga, karate, cooking classes... the possibilities are infinite. Two days a week will be reserved for YOUR hobby and not for crying at home.

6. Live somewhere else. Okay, I know this seems a little bit too drastic measure, but it certainly helps. If your friend is home alone for two or three weeks, go and make her company. If you have a holiday house, go over there and make some fresh memories.

7. Activate your night life! It's really important for you not to stay at home for the weekends and be depressed. You should go out and have fun. Listen to music, check out cute people around you, flirt... you'll forget about your ex in no time.

8. Find comfort in social and cultural events. Concerts, movies, plays, exhibitions... you will fell inspired, cool and relaxed.

9. Visit your friends, wherever they are. This is a good one and it helped me a lot. You probably see you best friend five days a week and the others at least once. If you organize your schedule right, almost every day you could visit different friend and spent time out of your home. You can explain them your intentions and they won't judge you, but support you.

10. Take a walk! If none of this works, if you just don't feel like staying at home, don't feel any pressure to make plans or call someone. You are your best company and all you need is to put on your shoes and take a walk all by yourself.

What do you think girls, will you try any of these steps? If you had tried them or plan to, share your thoughts bellow. Don't forget the other steps and, of course, stay strong! :)

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