Thursday, July 4, 2013

Forget About Your Song

What song? You know the one that played when you first met; the one that was supposed to be your wedding song; the one that always make you think of one particular person… That song! Forget it!

Music is VERY important when it comes to forgetting your ex. I am telling you this because I always ruin all of my efforts with a single song. I am having a great time, I am meeting new people and life is good again. Then, out of nowhere, that song comes up on my playlist and breaks my heart all over again.

After my latest break up with a person I loved, my playlist changed a lot. Just for the record, our song was Save Room – John Legend. It is such a great song. 

Luckily for me, I have never heard it somewhere while I am out and the only hazardous zone for me is my home, my lap top, my smartphone. However, that is definitely not the only song that connects me to my ex. That is the most painful one, but there are many others that are potentially harmful.

So, what should we do about it? It’s simple. Find new music. You can listen to new hits or just check YouTube suggestions or check other people’s Facebook walls. It doesn’t really matter; just find some fresh sounds that are not connected to your ex in any way. 

Another idea is to remove those songs from your playlists just for the time being. After you forget your ex you won’t really have any memories that will have the power to make you feel depressed. Erase it from Winamp, remove it from your smartphone/mp3 player, delete it from your car playlist and put something new.

In addition, it could be great if you try and make new memories connected to the song. However, I must warn you that this is one very hard objective. Let me explain, after my first break up the song Dream A Little Dream of Me was used in one TV commercial and was all over the place. That wouldn’t be a problem if every time I heard it I hadn’t a picture in my head of my ex dancing in front of me. The song was haunting me, so I tried to make some new memory with the help of my best friend. She played the song and we were playing backgammon and we laughed and did stupid things. I can’t say that it worked out perfectly, but definitely I could think of something else once out of three times the song was on.

Of course, you should pay attention to some other things. For example, listening to depressive music is not really going to help. I remember listening to Lonely Day – SOAD all the time after my first break up. I found the song after the break up, but still I felt miserable when I was listening to it. Find something cheerful, something with good beat and something that will bring back your joy and optimism.

Don’t forget to check the other steps here and don’t lose hope. There is someone special out there who will love you just the way you are. There is someone that won’t make you feel less important and feel as you are doing everything wrong. There is someone who deserves your love, but first you will have to forget the person who broke your heart.

Stay strong!

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